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Biogreen 5 Grain Nutrient Bars

5 Grain Nutrient Bars

  • Supply balance nutrients which contains various types of healthy and nutritious ingredients like grains, beans, seeds and nuts.

  • Healthy and nutritious food

  • No chemical additive

  • No preservative

  • Naturally toasted

  • Suitable for vegetarian


Grain: Organic brown rice, quick oat, pearl barley, buckwheat, millet, red rice, wheat, corn.

Bean: Black bean, soya bean, red bean, mung bean, green pea.

Seeds: Pumpkins seeds, sunflower kernal, black sesame, white sesame.

Nut: Almond, walnut, pine nut

Others: Wheat germ, sea salt, glucose, grape seed oil

 Net Weight:



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