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Biogreen O'Blue Organic Agave Nectar

Descriptions :

  • Made up from specially selected tropical blue agave plant, a type of pure natural healthy sugar
  • Blue Agave belongs to one kind of flowering aloe vera, consisting approximately 90% of fructose, a small amount of sucrose and inulin
  • Produced at low temperature (<60C) to protect the natural enzymes
  • Reduce and maintain blood sugar level - it would not raise or decrease blood sugar level drastically. Suitable for diabetic - Biogreen Agave Nectar GI=17, while sugar GI=100 and honey GI=55
  • As sugar replacement - 4 times sweeter than normal sugar
  • Stabilizing emotion
  • Increase immune system
  • Easily digest and absorb by the body

Recommended for:

  • Diabetic
  • Children and adults with weak digestion/absorption function
  • Those with weak immune system
  • Healthy sugar replacement


Always store in cool and dry place.


100% organic certified agave nectar (certified by USDA)




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