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Sugar Free (Left)                                Low Sugar (Right)

Biogreen O'Tigres Organic Black Bean Powder

Biogreen O’Tigres is made up of 100% original organic black beans which aids to strengthening kidneys (black colours) and liver (green kernels) to replenish our body internally. Tigres is meant by Tiger in France. Hence, Biogreen O’Tigres is meant to strengthen body and expel out the power of tiger, recover and replenish body efficiently.

Benefits of the product :

  • Anthocyanins (black colour, 2130mg/100g) – antioxidant (reserve aging)

  • Molybdenum – Detoxifying sulfites (preservative in prepared foods)

  • Protect Heart – Fibre, folate, magnesium and Polyphenols

  • 100% original organic black beans, processed by modern technology of organic sprouting method

Recommend Daily Serving:

2 tablespoon (25g) with 250ml of lukewarm water, twice a day.


Always store in cool and dry place.


Cane Sugar Free - 100% Certified Organic Black Beans

Low Cane Sugar - 100% Certified Organic Black Beans, Cane Sugar, Oligosaccharide


700g (cane sugar free)/800g(low cane sugar)

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