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Biogreen O'Young

  • No Preservatives

  • No Colourings

  • No Artificial Flavouring

Benefits of the product:

      Strengthen skin base

      Improve moisture and cell rejuvenation

      Accelerate skin's metabolism and elasticity

      Firm up skin & prevent saggy skin

     Delay ageing

      Brighten dull skin complexion

      Improve internal organ health, from inner shine to outer bright

Recommended for:

  • Those with low skin metabolism

  • Stressed individuals, those who sleep late and people with unhealthy diets

  • Those who suffer from sagging skin, dry skin, dull complexion and other ageing skin problem

  • Those who work in air-conditioned rooms

  • Post-delivery and lactating mothers



Linden leaf powder, organic oat (certified organic by USDA and OTCO), organic spirulina (certified organic by USDA and ECOCERT), organic soy protein (certified organic by USDA and OTCO), black bean powder, alfafa powder, spinach powder, cabbage powder, soy lecithin (non GMO), brown rice, flax seed, pumpkin seed, black sesame, broccoli, carrot, burdock root, walnut, shiitake mushroom, psyllium husk, Dioscoreae Rhizoma


 Keep in cool, dry place and stay away from direct sunlight





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