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Biogreen Phyto - Essence

Biogreen Phyto - Essence

i: Internal cleansing & detoxification especially wastage & toxin in the colon - High in dietary fibre 42.2%.

ii: Supplement nutrients that needed by body - consist 39 types of natural plant essence.

iii: Improve blood circulation and metabolism, and hence boost up immunity.

iv: Strengthen our health.

v: Help to control weight & improve skin problems.

vi: Help to lower down cholesterol and control blood sugar level. (good for diabetic patient)

Recommended for :

  • Children or adults with poor digestion function.
  • Those suffering constipation & hemorrhoids.
  • Those taking too much junk food, overweight / obesity.
  • Those suffering from skin problems or body odour due to improper emission of toxins.
  • Those suffering from bad breathe.
  • people who frequently exposed to pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones.
  • people who are health conscious and for prevention or non-communicable diseases, eg: high blood cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and etc.

Method to take:

Mix 2 tablespoon (15g) with 300ml of lukewarm water. For better result, can be mix with Biogreen Bio Enzymes Vinegar or Prune Enzymes. After drink please take another 300ml of lukewarm water.

(Tips: Colon will adsorb water. It is advisable to have more water after taking high fibre food in order to avoid hard stool.)

Recommend Daily Serving:

2 tablespoons (15g), 1 - 2 times a day.


 Always store in cool and dry place.



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