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                                 Biogreen Energy Tumbler


According to Quantum Theory Research, "the world is constituted by energy waves. And human' thought and delight energy can reflect onto the food and radiated to the surrounding people and objects."
Our Biogreen Energy Tumbler made from high quality premium- PP No.5 Plastic able to sustain water temperature up to 99C.
  • Not only a normal water tumbler but also an energy shaker, letting you to shake your beverages happily.

  • Allows the water to produce positive energies and water crystal.

  • Able to divide the water molecule into smaller elements in order for easy digestion.

  • Make drinks become smoother & taste better.


Benefits of the product:

Knowing the true meaning of Colour Therapy Healing:

  • Yellow: Strengthens digestion,  intestinal health, nervous system and    increases understanding ability.

  • Green: Body and mind balancing, improves heart system and leads to energy lifestyle.

  • Blue: Able to calm soul, stabilizes pulse and decreases nervous emotion.

  • Violet: Stimulates brain functions, strengthens muscles coordination & lymph system and balances potassium level.

  • Light Pink: Decreases secretion of toxins in kidney and makes you feel relaxing, love and harmony.


Method to take

Recommend to shake/mix drinks with room temperature water/warm water

Usage of Biogreen Energy Tumbler is printed at the packaging for reference purpose:

  • Children healthy breakfast , old folks/people with stomach congestion problem, constipation, fart with peculiar smell, lack of beneficial bacteria, indigestion, diarrhea, fatigue easily, eaten oily food & insufficient enzymes.









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