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Nutri-Soy Crackers

Biogreen Nutri-Soy Crackers

Organic Soymilk, Nutritious, Healthy!

Thick & Creamy Soy Taste, Crispy, Delicious!  You can never resist it & will ask for more!

  • Good Source of Fibre & Nutrients

  • Organic Soymilk – Plant Protein & Antioxidant

  • Nutritional Yeast – Vitamin B Complex & Amino Acid

  • Oligosaccharide – Food for Friendly Bacteria

  • Wheat Bran – Vitamin B1, B2 & Fibre

  • White Sesame – Macro Minerals & Protein

Method to take

Normal Serving


Storage Method

Keep in cool and dry place.



Organic Soymilk, Nutritional Yeast, Oligosaccharide, Wheat Bran, White Sesame



Net Weight: 504g 5% (63g x 8 packets)

Small Packaging easy to consume & convenient for bringing!







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