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Biogreen Ocean Derived Sea Minerals

Biogreen Ocean Derived Sea Minerals

This Amazing product derived from unpolluted Australian Queensland Coral Sea Water. Utilizing the naturally forces of solar and evaporation and precipitation for 3 months, formed concentrated but non-crystallize sea minerals and trace minerals.

  • Supplement body's essential minerals & trace minerals .

  • Enhance body cell repairing capability - support our body's biological function

  • Helps to enhance immune system U& repair cells(injury)

  • Helps to regulate blood pH - Neutralize acidic physique

  • Helps to control blood sugar level

  • Refresh body tiredness

  • Strengthen bones& teeth densities

  • Helps to relax muscles, mind & improve sleeping quality

  • Balance body hormones & secretions, treat smelly foot

  • Help to ease headache & sore throat & etc.

Suggested Serving:

Kids  : 5-15 drops ; adult : 1 teaspoon(5ml)

Young consumers are advice to start with 5 drops & add to 15 drops or half teaspoon gradually. Drink half an hour before sleep at night to get better effect.

One teaspoon into 200ml beverages consider concentrate, taste bitter. One teaspoon is recommend for those desires to have faster and better effect. One teaspoon can be mix separate for 3 times every day for those cannot tolerate with the bitter taste.

Method to take :

Add into food & beverage (eg. plain water, oatmilk, soymilk , juice etc) to get minerals essence.

Recommend to add 5-10 drops to cooked food. Cooking process (fry) may spoil the minerals content, energy magnetic field of the minerals. Steam or boil may not affect much.

Apply few drops at wound/skin twice a day ( morning & night) directly.


 Please keep in cool and dry area. Need not to put in fridge.




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