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Organic Oligo Answer

Organic Oligo Answer - Liquid

The first 100% Pure Organic Fructo-Oligosaccharide Liquid in the market that never remove its original colour. 

  • It can enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria (Probiotic), which in turn help digestion, absorption and bowel movement, reduce the uptake of toxic substances in liver.

  • Control cholesterol level

  • Control blood glucose level

  • Enhance calcium absorption

  • Low in calorie-good for slimming

  • Sugar substitution in making enzyme and yogurt( to increase growth of friendly bacteria in food and intestine)

Suggested Serving:

can drink directly or add with other beverage (eg. Oatmilk, soymilk, wild rice powder)

can add to recipe (eg. make enzyme or yogurt)


Organic Fructo-Oligo Saccharide, Inulin (Extract from Jerusalem root) and Sun root malt


 Please keep in cool and dry area after opening.





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