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Biogreen Organic Spirulina Vita 7

Descriptions :

  • 100% alkaline food - shift our body pH condition towards neutral
  • Contains 18 amino acids, carotenoids, antioxidant, folic acid, iron, vitamin B12, micronutrients and enzymes
  • Contain GLA, LA, AA, SDA, DHA, EPA, ALA
  • Contains novel polysaccharide called calcium spirulan (Ca-SP) - antithrombic activity
  • Improves hemoglobin levels - iron, folic acid, vitamin B12
  • Micronutrients & enzymes - bio-enhancer (better assimilation)

Recommended for:

  • Children who don't like/get enough vegetables and/or have imbalanced foods intake
  • Teenager who needs sufficient nutrient for rapid growing period
  • Pregnant mother who need extra nutrients (folic acid & protein)
  • Elderly who have difficulty to have 3 meals / day
  • Sports lover/athletics who need extra nutrients to keep their energy level up
  • Patients who needs high volumes of nutrients to assist recovery
  • Vegetarian who require extra nutrient sources
  • Those who have weak immune system and prone to cardiovascular diseases


  • People who have serious allergies to seafood / seaweeds
  • Patients currently experiencing high fever

Method to take:

  • Chew and swallow
  • Take with cold / warm water
  • Take at least an extra half litre of water / day


Always store in cool and dry place.


Each tablet contains 200mg certified organic spirulina by Naturland, Germany


250g (1250 tablets x 200mg)

120g (600tablets x 200mg)

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