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        Biogreen O'Candy (Apple Sour & Propolis Honey)


Healthy O' Tasty Candy with Organic Sugar


Biogreen O'Candy is made from natural and organic ingredients, it’s sweetened with organic unrefined cane sugar. This organic candy is healthy as kids and sweet lovers can enjoy to their hearts’ content.



•    Biogreen Propolis Honey can cool down body temperature and stimulate body immune system.

•    Biogreen Apple Sour can improve appetizer and ease sore throat.

•    No Pesticides, No GMO’s , No Artificial Flavours, No Synthetic colours and no preservatives.



Suggested Serving:

Normal serving



Storage Method

Keep in cool and dry place and refrigerate after opening.




  • Biogreen O'Candy Propolis Honey

       Organic unrefined cane sugar,  Propolis, Raw Honey, Glucose syrup.


  • Biogreen O'Candy Apple Sour

       Organic unrefined cane sugar, Apple cider vinegar, Citric Acid, Glucose syrup.




8 x 3.4g/pkt

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