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                           Organic Raisins 410g                 Organic Raisins (Pack) 190g

                  Super Large Organic Seedless Raisin


Raisins are the Nature's Candy

The sizes of Biogreen Super Large Organic Raisins are 3 to 4 times bigger than normal raisins, harvested from the organic farm that practices the natural harvesting method for more than 100 years, where the juice is not extracted out from the grapes after harvest. Adopting the traditional “hang-up & sun-dried” method in order to ensure the nutrients are maintained.

         They are organic, no pesticide, no colouring and additives.

         They are one of the most nutritious dried fruits.


         Good source of iron

         Low in sodium and totally fat-free

         They provide many necessary vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium and certain B vitamins.

         Raisins are a good source of fiber and rich in antioxidants.

         Raisins are 70% pure fructose (a natural form of sugar) which is easily digested for quick energy!

         You can satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing healthy teeth and gums.

Suggested Serving:

It can serve as tidbits, add raisins to your morning cereal, salad, yogurt, go with bread, add into cake and cookies formulas, or smoothies.

Storage Method

Keep in cool and dry place 


100% certified organic raisin by Senasa Argentina.

Packing: 410g and 190g


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