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Article below is to show the truth to what was posted on TRIBEST Website, the site of most recent distribution company, Tribest corporation, debasing the confidence of our company's product.

Our product was not produced in year 2000, but in mid 90s.

There is no doubt that currently sold Greenpower and greenpower kempo was first planned in early 90s. It is also true that the first development product was sold in 1998, April. But product designed in year 1998 by Tribest Corporation is currently not sold in Korean market.

Although monkey have not changed since long past until today, humans have evolved to reach today's human. Like above, Greenpower's product, with their endless zeal and effort have reached today's product. These facts of 20 kinds of products which were started to be sold in early 1988, are clearly posted on our site, www.greenimage.com.my , under the section of introduction of company, in the middle of history of juice extractor.

More important facts are that the product of GP-E1503, Greenstar GS-100, Greenstar GS-3000, which was argued by Tribest corporation that they were their product, were ended, in consideration that it was middle class product at the time Greenpower was evolving long time ago. It is no exception that product made by particle made trough the collection on disused product of Greenpower, and argued to be there product is a unconventional act.

And also, Tribest corporation was not a manufacturer but an import company (at past, it was one of the import company of Greenpower) and production company which is in Korea named, Corrupad korea. To my regret, as the company is named, Green power, a company which produces the anti-shock paper box, are not the company which has the technique for producing and developing extractor.

Technique is not achieved over one day. The reason that we stopped our production of such product, and selling out the current product is, compared to its performance, the product was too small in size and not suitable in house because of its weight. For the same reason, the products production fees and price were too high.

The reasons we are not stopping the production of Tribest Corporation are that first of all, to raise the extractor market through the union effort, and that we are confident that our level of technique have over crossed the product long time ago.

The evidence is clearly shown in the technique of twin gear. Compare the picture of the twin gear product at their homepage at the section of “what is so special with our product. In order to decrease their production fee, they took out the back part of Clean System, which is the crucial part. Although they are trying to make the look-alike product, their lack of technique are causing them to not be able to control the number of A/S and hygiene defect, which are never to be known by the consumer.

Compare if their proudly presented HD double gear juicing system test has the same result as current products. It is certain that they will not get the same result, further on, they will get degenerated result.

Else from that, in the performance section, extraction rate out of all of the extractor is one of the best, and the possibility of healthy food function such as wheat grass extraction without bubble, fruit sap extractor, grinding original coffee, dried pepper and 300 other types, and from that, they are only available in currently sold new product, and the section of the easiness of usage, weight and the price and through every other aspect, our product are much more superior than that of Tribest corporation's product.

Although we are paying them mercy to open their way for survival, they are in turn, trying to use them. Probably example is the vile propaganda of saying how the product of 1998 produced product has the same function compare to current product. They are propagandizing how green power is using the same plan as early 1989s, which is actually their method of production. (We confirm we backed off on the plan) Current product has very advanced function compared to the product of early 1998s. Improvement of extraction, guarantee of 5 years and change in structure for the easy use for consumers clearly presents how the millennium new product is different from those of the past.

Patent and Award record

Considering the GreenPower trade mark right, we are always ready to show our patent achieved from 20 foreign countries, and 600 locally. We already have informed Corrupad Korea to stop the false propaganda, and several infringement of copyright through conversation, and sooner or later, we will be informing the Tribest Corporation through document, at the same time ask for justification.

It is a basic knowledge that award records are all from the invention, not the designs. It shows how the change in design will still take into account the superiority of the machine it self. And also, because we started from Tae Hoon ==> GreenPower ==> GreenPower ten, awards achieved from Tae Hoon are considered Greenpower's. Tribest are also propagandizing, without any patent, that they got the award just through the similar exterior design, which is a simple fraud. We also have several award from foreign and local invention contest, and also we have the data of how we are perfect in hygiene which has been proved in Capital Environment Research Institute.

Part related to product's name

The reason that there are two kinds of product, GreenPower and GreenPower Kempo is that from Kempo Corporation, they have produced their product using the license of main technique, and patent from GreenPower Ten, and for current business efficiency, there is no problem that Kempo Corporation was combined with GreenPower ten.

We are providing variety of choices through out the international country, for consumers. It is like OEM product, for example, Hippocrates or Samson Ultra. Although it is necessary to negotiate about that part, we, GreenPower ten are always trying our best to provide sellers with maximum profit and we will be looking forward to continue the process.

Our company is especially extractor producing company with revolutionary technology.

Our company is not imitating company. Also we are not newborn company.
We are the world’s first automatic extractor invented, revolutionarily traditional extractor producing company. We surely present you that currently sold GreenPower and GreenPower Kempo product are totally different in performance, price and technology than that of the disused product.

Although Tribest Corporation pursues gears and large sizes of product, which they think are good, for one's health, it is for sure to consider how in the process of extraction, there should be almost no surface meeting with air, in order to preserve the vitamins from breaking apart. This also has led our company’s product to have more extraction of liquid according to different kind of vegetable varying from 5%-10%.

Everyone can make big, heavy and expensive product. But there is no point in wasting the resource. Only the accumulated technology and developing zeal can make rather small but more functional and comfortable product. Only GreenPower ten is able to do this.

Whether this was enough to prove their falsehood, but we are sure these are enough. For further information visit us at our homepage, www.greenimage.com.my , or e-mail us at gimage@po.jaring.my , and we will without any doubt do our best to reply back.

Thank You.

We hereby certificate the above is truth and We'll take any legal measures for Tribest Corporation In U.S.A.

Signed by MR.KIM JONG GILL / President
2003. Feb. 24.

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