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Bio Ceramic Magnet Twin Gear
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  Green Powered juice keeps longer? Can you explain?
  Does the Green Power really produce more  juice?
  More juice? - that's great! How does Green Power do it?
  I've heard that the Green Power juices slowly. Can you explain?
  I've heard that Green Power juicer puts more oxygen into the juice. Is that true?
  How does Green Power juicer get the juice to taste so sweet with no bitter after taste?
  The twin gears look very different than the augers or blades on other juicers. What are all those "cut out"  places along the gears? Are the gears difficult to keep clean? How often do the gears need to be sharpened?
  There are magnets in the Green Power? Where are they? 
  How do you know there are more minerals in the juice?
  What are the twin gears made of?
  What did you mean by saying... if the gears are aligned properly?
  What is far infrared? Is it safe?
  How does the far infrared energy affect the juice?
  What is this bioceramic technology? Where is it located on the Green Power juicer? Is it safe?
  What is this bioceramic material?
  What maintenance does the Green Power juicer require? Does it need lubricating?
  The Green Power seems rather expensive. Why is that?

A1.Certainly. There are many factors that influence the "keeping time" or stability of juice.   We can take a look at these. First, however, let's understand what is meant by juice stability.

To get a very rough idea of what is meant by stability, let's look at a toy - the spinning top. When you first twist and drop it onto the flat surface, it stands up very straight and spins very fast. The longer it spins, however, the more it begins to wobble, doesn't stand so straight any more, spins more slowly, and eventually drops over onto its side and spins to a complete stop. Its spinning energy exhausted. At what point would you say the top is no longer stable?

1. At the first sign of the first wobble?

2. Sometime in the "middle" process when it becomes obvious that it is no longer standing straight?


3. When it falls over and comes to a skidding stop?

The water/mineral molecule, protein molecules, essential fatty acid molecules, etc. are just like that spinning top in that they spin for a certain length of time, then begin to wobble and eventually fail. We can measure miniscule molecular changes in the spin of the various types of molecules within the juice and can literally plot the "wobbly graph" of a mineral losing its stability long before anyone can detect any changes in taste, color or smell. This is the point we determine as loss of stability.

Green Power wants the molecules in the juice to stay stable as long as possible.

Features such as:

1.      Slow rpm reduces heat build up in the juice and therefore, slows down the "aging process".

2.      The recombination of water/mineral molecules increasing the mineral content of  the juice slows down the destabilizing process.

3.      Far infrared energy stabilizes the water molecule in the juice for a longer length of  time.

We want you to have the freshest juice possible whenever you choose to drink it.

An independent Fresh Squeezed Juice Stability Study was conducted, comparing carrot and apple juice that had been prepared in five different types of juicers. "Green Powered carrot juice" and "Green Powered apple juice" both topped the charts in long-term stability.*

*Test data is available upon request.

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 A2.  Yes. In two separate and independent tests, using different types of produce, the Green Power produced up to 25% more juice.* One test, conducted in Canada, involved a mix of green and leafy vegetables. Another, conducted in the United States, used apples, carrots and beet root - each one separately. Both tests compared the Green Power machine to several types: masticating, centrifugal and the two-step method.

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 A3.  A. The design and close alignment of the twin gears.

  B. Slow revolutions, allowing the food to be juiced again and again, removing a maximum amount of juice.

          C. Adjustment of the outlet adjusting knob to get all the juice possible from whatever you are juicing.

       For more information on A, B or C above, please refer to questions number 9 and 16.
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A4. The Green power juices at only 110 revolutions per minute. Other juicers revolve at many times that speed. We need to look at what speed does to juice. The faster the juicing mechanism rotates, the more heat is created in the juice and the faster the juice will oxidize or lose its nutritional value. We need the freshly squeezed juice to be as close as possible in temperature to the original temperature of fruit to preserve maximum nutritional value. In an independent study, juice from the Green Power gained only a bit over of 1degree F. during the juicing process. Juice from four other juicers ranged from almost 3degrees to over 14 degrees F. higher than the original temperature of the fruit.*

It is the slower 110 revolutions per minute that aid in producing the sweetest, mineral enhanced juice you can only enjoy by using the Green Power.

To juice a full 16 ounce glass of juice in the Green Power takes only a few seconds longer than in the leading masticating juicer and a full minute or more less than using the popular two-step method of grind/squeeze.

*Test data is available upon request.

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A5.  No. The unique technology used in the twin gears rearranges the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the water molecules of the juice so that they are more efficient and effective in extracting more minerals from the produce you choose to juice.


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A6. By increasing the mineral content of the juice, its sweet natural flavor is enhanced.

       That unique twin gear  technology is totally responsible for this great benefit.

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 A7. There are so many questions here - let's address each one individually.


v        Yes, the twin gears are very unique to the juicing world. They are precisely what they claim to be - gears. Not blades, augers or rotors. The twin gears mesh together at a close clearance to gently crush, squeeze, and grind the juice from the produce, much like your teeth do.

v        Those "cut out" places along the length of the gears serve different purposes. The recessed area along the gear length more easily accepts fibrous vegetables and herbs like carrots of stinging nettle. The actual "cut out" places are fantastic for cutting the stringy fibers found in celery and other long-fibered herbs. Those "cut out" places are what allow you to put a full-length stalk of celery into the Green Power without a jam or clog!

v        Cleaning the twin gears is easy and fast. Green Power provides a complimentary special brush that makes fast work of cleaning the gears after juicing. Hold the gears, one at a time, under running water, and brush it clean of food residue. Even celery fibers will brush away quickly.

v        The twin gears are gears - NOT blades. Because they are not blades, they are not sharp. They work in a totally different way. With proper use and care, the twin gears should last many years with no maintenance.

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 A8. Yes, there are magnets in the Green Power juicer. At the core of each rotating twin gearis a serious of in- line magnets. When the twin gears are properly aligned, the two series of magnets produce a focused magnetic field of 4200 gauss. As juice flows through this focused magnetic field, the water molecule clusters within the juice are opened allowing them to recombine with minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium into new molecular structures. This magnetic process aids in extracting a greater percentage of mineral nutrients from the produce during the juicing process and is instrumental in keeping those minerals in a suspended colloidal form the body can use for a longer length of time.

To better explain how the water molecule clusters open up and recombine, look at the cluster shape below. Each of the spheres in the cluster represents a water molecule. At the very center core of this cluster is space. That space could be occupied with a mineral, a speck of pesticide residue, a particle of impurity, or it could be vacant - we do not know. As this water cluster passes through the magnetic field, it is opened up, releasing whatever is in the interior. It may also be broken up into two smaller water clusters, each with a specific magnetic "draw" of its own.


Minerals in the produce you are juicing can now attach onto the water molecule cluster, forming a new mineral enriched molecular structure. Since, opposite poles attract, you can begin to see how more and different minerals now have an opportunity for molecular restructuring into the juice.

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  A9. An independent test showed that juice extracted from a combination of celery and green  leafy vegetables contained:

                   95.4% more calcium

                  173.3% more iron

                  96.95% more magnesium

                  61.4% more potassium

                  205% more silicon

                  108.2% more zinc... in all the minerals tested 61.4% more*.

*Test data is available upon request.

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A10.  The metal section of each twin gear is fine grade stainless steel. The end pieces are  acetate.

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 A11.  Look at the ends of the twin gears that fit into the motor housing unit. One gear looks like a 12-pointed blunt-ended star with a depression in the center. The other gear has a white nylon, blunt-ended star pattern with a stainless steel cylinder protruding from the center.


Hold both gears at eye level, looking straight at the two star patterns. The stainless steel ended gear will have two (2) black dots - one on the end of two consecutive "star arms". The acetate ended gear will have one (1) black dot on the end of one "star arm".


Place the two gears together so that the one black dot fits in between the two black dots - Now you have three dots in a row! Perfect alignment for maximum minerals! 

Holding the twin gears together, with the black dots in alignment, place them into position on the Green Power juicer.

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 A12. Far infrared is energy. It is the natural, resonant frequency range of water and all organic matter - even humans. The wavelength of infrared energy is between 0.7 microns and 1000 microns, just beyond the frequency range of visible light. And, one part of this range is 5 to 15 microns, which is far infrared. Far infrared energy waves are the safest and most beneficial energy source available. We like to call it the "Life Force Frequency".


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 A14. Actually, bioceramic technology is a process - that of producing far infrared energy. The word "bioceramic" refers to the unique powdered material that is securely sealed around the series of in-line magnets at the core of each of the twin gears. As the gears rotate during the juicing process, the bioceramic material converts that mechanical energy into the beneficial far infrared energy. Yes, both the bioceramic technology and the material are very safe.

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 hA2.  Yes. In two separate and independent tests, using different types of produce, the Green Power produced up to 25% more juice.* One test, conducted in Canada, involved a mix of green and leafy vegetables. Another, conducted in the United States, used apples, carrots and beet root - each one separately. Both tests compared the Green Power machine to several types: masticating, centrifugal and the two-step method.

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A15. The exact formulation for the bioceramic material used in the construction of the Green Power twin gears is a trade secret. However, there are naturally occurring types of bioceramic material - bentonite and diatomaceous earth that are both safe and used regularly in the food industry.

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 A16. None; following the instructions in the Operating Manual that comes with each Green Power juicer, your machine should need no maintenance, nor does it ever need lubrication.

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 A17.There are many unique technological features that the Green Power juicer has that other type juicers simply do not. Much research, development, engineering, testing and continued studies for future improvements have and will continue to be committed to provide you with a juicer that produces:

       More juice

       More minerals

       More stability

       More versatility

       Easier, faster cleaning

Overall, the Green Power may be a bit more expensive than some types of juicers. However, its versatile performance, and quality juices test higher than the most expensive two-step juicers that cost as high as 3 times the price of a Green Power. The machine has 8 functions in 1.

We feel that Green Power is in a class all its own. Try one for yourself. We think you'll agree.

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