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Special Features
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Purple Clay Baby Pot

Characteristic of Product

  1. This product is a eco-friendly cookware which is designed specially for caring the health grown of baby.

  2. According to the different demands of baby from zero to five years old, provide "warm milk", "rice cereal", "porridge/stew soup", "infant rice" four functions for your selection.

  3. The design of light-touch type keys makes your hand feeling comfortable, so it's noble and elegant.

  4. Novel and unique appearance design will reveal your high level of living standard.

  5. The specially-equipped purple clay cover will reduce the steam running away, which makes rice tastier and more delicious.

  6. Automatic temperature-preservation can keep the food warm persistently to satisfy the demand of feeding baby.

Frequency Voltage Power
1.0 L
50 Hz 240 V 300 W

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