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Bio Ceramic Magnet Twin Gear
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Special features of Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor
The moment you see a Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor, you will experience a completely different way to squeezing green fruits.

Based upon special 3Way Bio Clean System, you can meet new world of highly efficient and highly refined Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor.
1. It is required to squeeze vegetables and fruits finely.
One of the most important factors for a extractor is that it must make finely squeezed vegetable and fruit juice. The juice must be clear directly from squeezing so that people can drink immediately, the device should squeeze not only soft stuff but also rigid and hard vegetables, and it must have high squeeze rate in order not to waste high-priced green vegetables. These are basic requirements to be a squeezer.
When you use Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor, you donĄ¯t need to use a sieve and cut tough vegetables such as Angelica keiskei, carrot and beet like sliced white radish kimchi. We are proud of such a high squeeze rate of Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor.
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It is an expert on cooking for multiple purposes.
Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor has a variety of basic skills including hashing, soya milk, tofu, cake made from glutinous rice, jam, garlic, ginger, liquid pepper, spices to make kimchi, and so on. Since it shows its full scope of ability, it is reasonable to be called as one kind of the cookers. In addition to this, it gives you more pleasure because it can make ice cream with green fruits, and grind dried peppers and coffee beans. It also has skills to cook freely approximately 300 kinds of foods including a cold noodle, without plastering flour as it is non-stick, a plain noodle, Korean noodle, hand-made chopped noodle, foamless wheat juice, clear grape juice without feeling sick and fruit juice.
    *Please check these points when you see exaggerated ads of an imitation.
1) When you try to grind tough grains or coffee beans the gear of the device may be damaged.
2) When you cook noodles, they stick to each other and become swollen easily when boiling noodles.
3) It is impossible to cook Teokboki (Korean food: a broiled dish of sliced rice cake, meat, eggs, seasoning, etc.) with cold rice although they say it is possible to cook, etc.
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3. It is easy to use.
  It has a simple system to assemble, disassemble and squeeze easily for everyone who has no idea of how to use machines. As it is designed lovely being the smallest and lightest weight, easy to handle for housewives and suits well in the kitchen.
There are a number of functions which are brought out with care such as foam removing device attached to a cup, a lid which prevents dust from an input opening and you can put a rod on it while squeezing, a fruit rod in which a stopper is installed, attach and detach system through one-touch, and so on. Moreover, when it stops due to overload, it will work again because there is a backlashing device, and it is possible to change fuse through one-touch.
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It has got worldwide public confidence.
Domestic form approval of electric appliances is not enough to trust. In developed countries, they have to go through more complicated procedures of safety and hygiene in order to obtain their standards to assure customers.
Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor has attained CE of EU Integrated Safety Standard, UL of America, C-UL of Canada, AS of Australia, CNS of Taiwan and has passed hygienic test of imported goods in Japan, therefore, it proves that it has been recognized its function, quality, safety and hygiene throughout the world. Furthermore, about 600 patents at home and abroad including US, Japan, Canada, China and Europe solidify its public confidence.
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5. Jang type clean gear guarantees hygiene
  Jang type clean gear, which employed unique clean system of green power kempo living juice extracor, can have clean living green juice since there is no foreign substances from the double gear while squeezing juice.
Clean System, which has 24 registered patents at home and foreign countries, means clean system that does not generate foreign substances including iron dust and plastic injurious to human body by setting acetal resin, which obtained approval of UL and FDA, at the both ends of the helical gear of the double gear so that the stainless part can not be touched each other while squeezing juice.
While the double gear of general green juice extractor is manufactured after going through 16 times of processes, Jang type Clean double gear of Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor is manufactured after going through 80 times of processes of precise and delicate production and inspection applying Clean System.
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The best living juice for our body.
Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor is developed focusing on making the best living juice.
Good living juice is :
First, there should be no agricultural chemicals or heavy metals.
Although most of the vegetables marketed look fresh and very tempting, it may prove the contrary that they are contaminated by agricultural chemicals or heavy metals as no worms eat them.
Using the nature of combining fibroid material of vegetable, agricultural chemicals and heavy metals due to their affinity, Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor separates and removes agricultural chemicals and heavy metals contained in the vegetables..
When grinding vegetables finely, agricultural chemicals and heavy metals are separated from vegetables, and when we use general green juice extractors or blenders to squeeze them the agricultural chemicals and heavy metals are contained in green juice, therefore, the green juice might be harmful to your health rather than serving good. More particularly, when we use centrifugal juice as agricultural chemicals and heavy metals are heavier than water, the juice can contain more concentrated harmful objects due to its operation of centrifugal force. Even though its squeezing rate can be increased more, Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor lets us drink safe living juice removing agricultural chemicals and heavy metals up to 80 % since its system gives agricultural chemicals and heavy metals time to recombine with fibroid material.
Second, there should be no nutrition damage while squeezing .
Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor does not damage nutrition as it has a double gear drive method rotating 160 times per minute. However, centrifugal juicer rotates at a high speed (9,000~37,000 times per minute) and it damages vitamins and enzymes that can be easily affected by impact and heat of the blade rotating and pulverizing at a high speed and it is not possible to expect the effect as a living juice.
Third, there should be no harmful substances from a living juice extractor.
There is no guarantee that no harmful substances are contained in living juice just because we washed vegetables perfectly without agricultural chemicals and heavy metals. Your labor comes to nothing if there is some harmful substances from a living juice extractor. In general living juice extractor, foreign substances including iron dust can be made only when gear is made of stainless and going in gear. In other words, harmful substances of the primary components of stainless such as iron, nickel, chrome, copper, manganese, lead, and so on can be contained in living juice and aluminum or environmental hormone can be flown out from other parts. These harmful substances are not found in Green Power Kimpo Living Juice Extractor in which Jang type clean gear is employed, and for those parts, where vegetables and juice are contacted while squeezing, we use materials approved by Ul and FDA, authorized organizations in the world, so than we can make clean living juice in terms of hygiene. Furthermore, the entire parts are made of recycling materials and do not harm our environment.
Fourth, nutrition should be kept for a long time even though we do not drink immediately.
Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor activates nutritional elements and keeps them for a long time due to the roles of magnet and ceramics. A fresh cup in which ceramic resin radiating far-infrared rays ceramics, and neodymium magnet radiating a line of powerful magnetic force of 4,200 Gaus are mounted, and the far-infrared rays and a line of magnetic force preserve and activate vitamins, enzymes and minerals in order to preserve living juice and enhance the effect of living juice.
There are neodymium magnet and far-infrared rays ceramics inside of Jang type clean gear in high-grade type so that it can maximize its effect. Therefore, living juice made from Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor is not green juice but living juice.
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It is economical.
Squeezing skill has increased up to 50% more than centrifugal juicer and 20% more than general green juice extractor, and the more fibroid materials, the more squeezing functions. Green juice retains maximum 87% of squeezing function (angelica), and fruit juice 90%. If you squeeze vegetables that have high fibroid material and vegetables that have low fibroid materials while squeezing, the entire rate of squeeze goes up.
Vegetables and fruits are getting more expensive. Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor extracts nutrients that are remained deep inside of the fibroid materials without damaging, and it helps support family budget.
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It is a safe device without any risk.
A device to prevent excessive rise of temperature is equipped with a motor. When you go outside without turning off a living juice extractor by a mistake or the motor is overheated by excessive use, Thermal Protector can prevent any fire and risk with its automatic operation. Moreover, the tiny outlet of the input is to consider any dangerous situation just in case.
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Low noise living juice extractor.
Owing to its ultra precise motor and reduction machine, it doesnĄ¯t make noise. With its low noise of less than 60dB, Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor does not require to volume up when you watch TV, and no need to worry about a sleeping baby. Less noise when you put vegetables inside and squeeze them than rotating when it is empty.
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Guaranteed durability.
With its technology developing 20 health related products including living juice extractors and water purifiers for the last 10 years, Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor guarantees its perfect skills and low rate of breakdown. It is impossible to guarantee for five years for the first time in the same sort of industries, unless perfect durability is supported.
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The Number one Living Juice Extractor, we will take over its tradition.
Green Power Ten, which developed multi-purpose green juice extractor, a automatic green juice extractor, for the first time in the world, has been always recognized as the best product of the time supplying 20 kinds of living juice extractor for 15 years. We will not only take over our tradition but also contribute to developing and distributing better products in the future.
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