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GI Induction Cooker

• 320-3400W 240V 50-60HZ
• 1200W(LEFT),2200W(RIGHT)
• 734X435X98MM
• 11KG

• Digital frequency conversional micro computer system
• Power ranges for adjustment with multi cooking mode
• Temperature setting form 80-240 degrees
• 99 minutes timer
• Auto cookware check
• Auto shut off device
• Overheat protection
• High temperature Ceramic-glass from Germany
• International safety standard approvals
• Europe Quality

Safety devices:

  1. GI Induction have small utensil detector, it does not heat up and the power will be turned off automatically, if the pan is overheat or power supply fluctuation, the induction will also be stopped. 
  2. Pan presence detector when there is no pan, when the pan is not usable, or when the pan is not centered, it does not heat up and the power will be turned off automatically in approximately 60 seconds. 
  3. GI Induction Cooker will heat up the pan directly; the induction cooker itself will not heat up to prevent injury from careless contact.
  4. Top plate of GI Induction Cooker is made of High temperature Ceramic-glass from Germany. It could be easily cleaned and it is watertight to prevent the spill of the pan from damaging the cooker inside. Unlike gas oven, there are no worries about gas leakage, gas explosion, naked fire danger; it effectively prevents accidents.

The best of Induction Cooker:

No flame, smoke & pollution. Keep your pots clean, Easy to clean surface. It also would not produce poison gas, waste gas, and interfere other home appliances. So, it is safe & clean heat source.
Easy to use Microprocessor controlled panel.
Induction cooker activate the iron molecules to vibrate and produce heat. It minimizes energy loss during heat transfer. General induction cookers have over 80% efficiency, while GI Induction Cooker could even achieve 85%-93%.
Green environment No exhaust gas, no pollute, no radiation, no noise.
High reliability, Cooking without fire, no dangers of fire. It does not heat up and the power will be turned off automatically; If the pan is overheat or power supply fluctuation, the induction will also be stopped. No dangers of poisoning or explosion.

Comparison between GI Induction Cooker and conventional gas cooker

Method of heating
Heat Capacity
Time required for heating 1 litre of water
Safety Index
Pollution Rate
GI Induction Cooker
2 minutes
Very safe – without open fire
Conventional gas cooker
5 minutes

Dangerous – with open fire
With production of CO

Occasion of GI Induction Cooker of business

Tradition stove tool of anywhere use, example embassy, restaurant, academy, manufactory, organ…. Especially adapt to occasion of no fuel provide or limit fuel used example basement, railcar, watercraft, voyage...

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