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Special Features
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Purple Clay Herb Teakettle (Old)                                           Purple Clay Herbal Kettle (New)

Characteristic of Product

  1. The complete inner pot is made of well-chosen, high-quality natural purple clay with fine ceramic workmanship. The pot has high air permeability and is easy to clean and remove the smell without any remaining trace.
  2. The heating system is of separate type to isolate the medicine in a 100% clean environment to ensure the purity of the medical contents.
  3. Fully-automatic one-key control of fire strength and boiling period to ensure safe and convenient operation.
  4. Fire mode control - slow fire/strong fire.
  5. Medical liquor volume control-4 bowls of water boiled into 1 bowl / 3 bowls of water boiled into 1 bowl.
  6. The purple clay has the wonderful fresh keeping function to preserve the medical effect of the decoction.
BJH35-A 3.5L 650W

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