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Matstone Multipurpose Juice Extractor

Characteristic of Product

  1. Matstone Multipurpose Juice Extractor is a single auger machine like a millstone. It consists of poly-carbonate and melamine approved by FDA, thus it is strong, effective and sanitary.
  2. A variety of functions such as juicing, blending, mincing, making noodles, mixing sauces and much more creative applications.
  3. It operates at low speed 80rpm, which preserves the original nutrients and flavour. Optimal extraction capability for all types of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Matstone Multipurpose Juice Extractor has a built-in device, which prevents the machine from overheating. The machine will automatically shut off when it is overheated.
  5. You can complete the entire process from disassembly, clean and assembly in just few minutes time.

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