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Special Features
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Purple Clay Rice Cooker

Characteristic of Product

  1. Innovative Pot-Suspension Design allows for greater heat circulation around the inner pot, which-results in better cooking and heat preservation of your rice.

  2. Use GI Purple Clay Rice Cooker to cook all types of delicious gourmet rice. They will not only taste better, but also look and smell better.

  3. Our computerized appliances use a microcomputer to control the entire cooking process, only press one key, and the cooker will do the whole process of rice cooking. After rice is cooked, the electrical source will turn "heating" to "keep warm" automatically for 8 hours.

  4. This multi function and computer controlled Rice Cooker is completely programmable to suit the needs of different markets, making cooking instant, safe and convenience.

FSX30-3 3L 800W

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