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Bio Ceramic Magnet Twin Gear

New Jang Type Clean Gear

After four-year study, we have recently developed 'GreenPower Kempo Living Juice Extractor' in which Jang type clean gear of 3 way bio clean system and we have exported it to the world.

By specially designing screw of double gears, variable and refraction of teeth type, 'JANG TYPE CLEAN GEAR', a new high-tech of GreenPower Kempo Juice Extractor, can pulverize dried red pepper, ground coffee, peanuts, and sesame as well as wheat shoot, barley shoot, and pine needles that were impossible to do with existing gears. With the development of this gear, squeezing time of vegetable juice and fruit juice has reduced up to 40 ~50% without damaging nutrients, and squeezing rate has increased more than 5~10%.

Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor, which swept over patents in 20 countries and a variety of invention prizes, has constantly researched and developed in order to manufacture the 20th current model since the 1st production of automatic living extractor and now we are proud of the top-quality living juice extractor.

Up-to-date-technology Green Power Kempo Living Juice Extractor of 'JANG TYPE CLEAN GEAR' is:

Compared with existing mounbel gear,
  • squeezing speed has increased twice more!!

  • Compared with the existing products
  • remnants has reduced 50%!!

  • Compared with living vegetable, living (green) juice, living fruit juice
  • far cleaner and clearer

  • When making living vegetable juice including comfrey, houttuynia herba, beet, etc.
  • far easier to squeeze living juice!!

  • Even the delicate nutrients inside seeds and fibroid materials
  • living green juice extract!!
  • As a product that squeezes wheat grass and barley grass juice, it is peerless and the most perfect      product.
  • Other than this, you can feel the differences from the existing products

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