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  Why Nutri-Mix is expensive comparatively to traditional blenders or juice extractors?
  Just how nutritious is "total juice" and what are the advantages to drinking it over extracted, canned, boxed or frozen juice?
  How long will total juice keep?
  Occasionally, I've seen articles in magazines that talk about "live" food enzymes. What are enzymes and what do they do?

Q1. Why Nutri-Mix is expensive comparatively to traditional blenders or juice        extractors?
A1. Nutri-Mix is not a normal blender or Juice extractor. It is able to do various type of vegetable & fruit juice, soup, wholesome babies food and etc. Most importantly it is able to blend the whole fruit & vegetable with all the fibre into liquid form which can help to release the PHTYONUTRIENT in the fibre. This would enable us to have 100% absorption of the Enzyme, fibre, SOD & all other nutrients into our bodies. Hence it can protect us from constipation, over weight, aids in lowering cholesterol level, suppress growth of cancerous cells and contribute to our good health overall. With all the valuable features, its benefit is invaluable.
Q2. Just how nutritious is "total juice" and what are the advantages to drinking it over         extracted, canned, boxed or frozen juice?
A2. Once you read the following, you'll say good-bye forever to ordinary extracted         juice.

1. An ounce of prevention beats a ton of cure! Scientists are saying you must eat whole foods to prevent disease.

All the studies showing that food can reduce your risk of disease were done with whole foods - not extracted juice. The National Research Council reported that, "there is no conclusive evidence that it is dietary fiber, rather than the other components of vegetables, fruits and cereal products, that reduces the risk of [coronary heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes mellitus, diverticulosis, hypertension, or gallstone formation]." In other words, a whole food has a nutritional synergy which is superior to any of the individual food components.

This is why many health organizations including the National Research Council and The USDA recommend that every American consume five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The food components that the National Research Council feels are necessary for a nutritious diet, namely more Phytochemicals and fiber, are the very things that a juice extractor throws in the garbage can or compost pit. In this regard, drinking extracted juice could be compared to drinking colored sugar water. Whole foods are complete foods. That's why we have manufactured the Nutri-Mix total juicer.

2. Fiber facts you should know.

Did you ever wonder why the US's National Cancer Institute guidelines recommend 20 to 30 grams of fiber a day? Fiber is vitally important to your good health. Read on.

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a. Fiber satisfies your appetite by giving you a feeling of fullness - which in turn helps eliminate that craving for high fat, calorie laden snack foods.

b. Fiber helps lower your blood cholesterol by preventing the recycling of liver bile. Since the major ingredient your body needs to manufacture new bile is cholesterol, some of the needed cholesterol is taken from the blood stream.

c. Fiber keeps you regular and fights cancer at the same time. It shortens the elimination cycle thus preventing various body chemicals from becoming carcinogenic (cancer causing).

d. Fiber helps the stools to retain water and remain soft - thus preventing constipation and hemorrhoids.

e. Fiber helps maintain a healthy PH in the digestive tract which is necessary for nutrients and non-nutrients to form chemical compounds that nourish your body.

f. Fiber helps capture enemy - Like compounds and sweeps them from your digestive tract.

You'll easily get four to six times more fibers by drinking Nutri-Mix total juice instead of extracted juice. Be sure to look at the nutritional analysis of our recipes. The fiber is in there, and you're getting all the benefits!

3. The power of phytochemicals.

You're probably thinking phyto-what? Phyto (borrowed from Greek) means "plant." Phytochemicals are natural chemical compounds found in all plants. They've been there all long, but scientists have recently begun to carefully analyze them, hoping to unlock the secret to curing and preventing many forms of disease.

Remember, you and I were raised thinking "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Then in the late eighties we learned "An oat bran muffin a day keeps the doctor away." As new phytochemical discoveries are made the headlines are shouting "A broccoli a day . . .; A carrot a day . . .; A grape a day . . ." Dr. Herbert Pierson, former director of the Designer Foods Program at the National Cancel Institute says, "There are substances in everyday foods that could prevent the expression of cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, immune dysfunction, and adult-onset diabetes." And, that's just the tip of the iceberg. New discoveries are coming to light every month.

Phytochemicals in plants are one reason various health agencies are spending millions of dollars to get Americans to double their intake of fruits, vegetables, and grains. It has been found that whole foods can contain approximately 10 times more phytochemicals than extracted juice. With a Nutri-Mix, your "total juice" will be packed full of beneficial phytochemicals.

From the very beginning, Nutri-Mix Corporation has believed in "whole food" for wellness. We still feel that way, and phytochemical research is helping the rest of the world come around to our way of thinking.

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4. Bioavailability: Unlocking the nutrients for greater absorption.

How? Your Nutri-Mix grinds foods microscopically fine. In fact, it ruptures and releases hundreds of times more nutrients and non-nutrients than chewing can over accomplish. Nutri-Mix definitely increases the bioavailability of your food for maximum assimilation and utilization, thus producing optimum mental, emotional and physical health.

You'll enjoy peak energy from the fruits and vegetables you prepare in your new Nutri-Mix. As you may know, a substantial portion of the foods you eat each day are never fully absorbed by your body because they are simply too hard to digest. So you miss out on many of the vital energy-boosting, cholesterol-lowering, disease-preventing benefits contained in those foods. Nutri-Mix breaks down whole foods for you, so your body can rapidly and easily assimilate every morsel, and turn it into a steady flow of increased energy

Q3. How long will total juice keep?
A3. As a result of using fresh produce, total juice should be consumed soon after it is made. Just as you would not take a bite out of an apple or banana and expect it to stay fresh in the refrigerator without changing color and favor, total juice also changes color and flavor over time.

There are some thing that you can do to make your juice stay fresh longer:

~ Incorporate ice of frozen fruit in you juice. Frozen ingredients add a form of refrigeration to the mixture, and will help the juice stay fresher longer.

~ Include pineapple or pineapple juice in your drink. The acidity inhibits oxidation, and the drink's flavor and color will last longer.

~ If you cannot consume all of the juice, freeze leftovers in an ice cube tray or Popsicle mold. Total juice makes delicious frozen snacks.

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Q4. Occasionally, I've seen articles in magazines that talk about "live" food enzymes.         What are enzymes and what do they do?
A4. Enzymes are proteins that have a specific shape which enables them to act as catalysts for chemical reactions. In our bodies, enzymes facilitate the millions of chemical reactions that play a vital role in our overall mental, physical and emotional health. For instance, enzymes in the lover detoxify poisons that get into the blood stream; enzymes in the intestine break down carbohydrates for energy and proteins for building blocks; enzymes in the brain make neurotransmitters for mental functioning and hormones for emotional health. There are literally throughout the body, each facilitating the specific reaction for which it was designed.

How important are "live" food enzymes in the diet, and at what temperature are food enzymes destroyed?

The term "food enzyme" is used to refer to the enzymes found in the plants we consume. All enzymes are sensitive to heat and cold; they are destroyed by boiling temperatures and their activity is suspended by cold (freezing) Enzymes are responsible for the ripening process in fruits and vegetables, which spoilage and decay. One way to understand this concept is to remember that we preserve food by either heating or cooling it.

There is some speculation that if these food enzymes are eaten in the active "live" from they can provide certain health benefits. Since cooking foods (above 140F) will deactivate or "kill" the enzymes, those who support this claim suggest eating raw foods whenever possible to get the health benefits.

However, there are those who say this is an exaggerated claim, they present evidence showing that food enzymes are deactivated by the acidity in the stomach and are digested like any other protein. (Though the molecule is no longer an enzyme, it is still a protein.)

A third group tales a middle of the road stance by stating that food enzymes can indeed help the body with initial digestion of the food, but once the food reaches the stomach these enzymes are deactivated and offer no further health benefit. (This benefit may be particularly helpful to certain elderly people who may not be manufacturing digestive enzymes at the same activity level as earlier in life.) A healthy body will make all of its own enzymes. Just how important to the body are the enzymes found in food is still a matter of debate.

Does the powerful Nutri-Mix blending process destroy food enzymes?

The simple answer is no. Though enzymes are one of the larger molecules in a cell, they are still much too small to be affected by the physical blending process, Science has shown that high temperatures or high pressures are required to disrupt the activity of most enzymes; simple beating or pounding by blunt or sharp objects (such as Nutri-Mix blades) would not be sufficient.

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General Knowledge

Vegetables and Cooking: Lately there is a lot of discussion about the desirability of eating raw vegetables. We heartily agree that those vegetables which are traditionally served raw, can be use raw in the preparation of total juice.

On the down side, certain members of the bean family are actually toxic when eaten raw. Lima beans, for example, contain cyanide. And where is the wisdom in eating raw potatoes, beets, or winter squash?

We maintain that vegetables should be prepared according to traditional methods. If a vegetable is traditionally served raw, use it raw. But if it is traditionally cooked, by all means, cook it before adding to total juice. There are bound to be some nutritional losses, especially of vitamin C, in any cooking process. Yet if a vegetable is washed just before cooking, cooked just to the point of doneness, not a moment more, and consumed just after preparation, nutrients, natural sugars, and delicate flavors will be preserved.

When you consider flavor development in total juice, remember, cooking changes, intensifies and improves flavors and odors of plant foods. Digestibility is also generally improved. For these reasons we recommend that certain vegetables be steamed or microwaved before adding to total juice.

Some like it hot. Vegetables are usually more satisfying in hot beverages, especially when seasoned. In addition to salt and pepper, you might try hot peppers, herbs, broth or bouillon. Avoid salt substitutes (unless recommended by a physician). If you have prepared a cold vegetable drink that is less than satisfying, try heating or cooking it. You will be amazed at the improvement in flavor.

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