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How Much $$$ You Can Save?

RM 250 Bread Maker RM 580 Food Processor RM 250

Ice Cream Maker

RM 500 Chopper RM 150 Grain Grinder RM 800
Blender RM 150 Ice Crusher RM 100 Meat Grinder RM 150
Slow Cooker
RM 200 Other Machine: - Amount = RM 3130

The Nutri-Mix makes it Easy to eat healthy, whole foods.

• Processes whole foods
• Makes "right eating" delicious
• Makes it easy to incorporate whole foods into your diet
• Eating right becomes simple
• Preparing healthy foods and meals within few second
• Cleanup is simple
• You'll enjoy tremendous variety of foods
• Gives you quick results
• Maximizes all your other health and fitness efforts.

Nutrition Discard By Normal Juices Vs Nutrition Retained by Nutri-Mix

Nutrients per 100g
Nutrition in Extracted Orange Juice you Drink
Nutrition in Orange Pulp you Throw Away
Nutrition in Extracted Carrot Juice you Drink
Nutrition in Carrot Pulp you Throw Away
Carotene 30
60 IU
14000 IU
23800 IU
21.8 mg
142 mg
6 mg
63.7 mg
9.4 mg
21 mg
8.2 mg
27 mg
161 mg
348 mg
291 mg
599 mg
Vitamin C
35 mg
58 mg
1 mg
1.4 %
8.3 %
1 %
7.2 %

It can Cost >RM 2000 a year to use a juicer!

This chart compares the cost of making ½ gallon of orange and carrot juice in two juice extractors and the Nutri-Mix. Because the Nutri-Mix throws so little away, juice costs 69% less by volume. A family of 4 drinking 2 glasses of juice per day each will have more nutritious juice, and will save more than RM2000 a year with a Nutri-Mix.

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